Geographic information system ProOpenPlus is programmed to be used in Microsoft Windows environment. GIS allows displaying raster and vector data and lets you create, operate and manipulate vector objects. It is characterized by a huge scale of constructional tools typically used in GIS applications, for example operation and construction of engineering nets etc.

System’s characteristic

  • Usage of own vector format with ability to effectively operate with graphic components
  • Creation, control and manipulation with vector objects
  • Work with maps of different scales
  • Flexible graphic objects filtration and plenty of suitable options for its selection
  • Optimized work system with extended raster maps
  • Active work in LAN (local area network)
  • Straight connection to SQL/OGC data source
  • Online connection to WMS servers and Google maps
  • Import and export of vector and raster’s graphic format
    • Raster file support: Tiff, Bmp, Jpeg
    • Vector file support: Dxf, SHP
  • Usage of vector objects to map objects into the real world
    • Point, line, circle and arc
    • Polygonal chain, polygon, rectangle
    • Text, symbol, icon
    • Spline, slop hatch (to exemplification of slop plane)
  • The possibility to use the program in internet/intranet applications (WMS client and WMS server)
  • Active communication channels (TCP/IP, DDE, OCX and more) for connection through database systems in order to create complex information systems



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